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Volo’s easy-to-expand housing product aimed at young families.

It can be easy for your home to feel small and lack the space and features you need if you’re a growing family. 

Whether you need an extra bedroom, bathroom, living area or kitchen – Volo Modular Homes will grow with you as you grow. 

Modular homes doesn’t mean you’re boxed in for options or restricted on size to accommodate to your growing family or lifestyle. Modular homes mean we have the opportunity to grow with you!

Regardless of the home you choose to build with Volo, you have the option to extend and expand by adding more modules… even if it’s years later. 

The extensions are built with the option of the flexible designs, same durability and high quality fabrication just as your original Volo Modular Home.

Best of all – just like all of our homes, the modular extension will be built in our 24-hour operated warehouse. Meaning, there’s no building limitations and no disruption to your day-to-day life while it’s being built. 

The modular extension is robust and easy to install on site so there will be minimal disruption while our highly experienced team installs.  

We are the new era of building. Contact us today to find out more.