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Commercial Modular Builds

Here at Volo, our team of industry professionals whose knowledge and experience within the commercial modular industry, allows us to deliver your commercial modular solution in a fraction of the time it would normally take to build, so your new office will be open for business sooner.

With 90% of the building construction being off-site, allows us to design, manufacturer and deliver your custom built commercial modular building without any disruptions or health & safety risks associated to having trades onsite.

Our commercial building projects can be used for any of the following:
• Education
• Health
• Transport
• Retail
• Display Suite
• Petrol Stations
• Offices

Our Modular buildings can be sized to suit your requirements, we also have the ability to add modules to your design as your business grows.
Whether you need more space in a hurry, or are just getting started, modular buildings are a fast, cost effective solution.


VOLO homes can be customised to meet any brief or specification.


We believe in our product so much, that we offer a 25 year structural guarantee.


You will meet with our team to discuss your design requirements, we‘ll then send you a detailed quote estimate.

You'll save

Shorter construction time means your home will be ready sooner, therefore you’ll pay less interest on your loan before you move in.


How We Work

  • Stage 1


    We require your initial deposit once the design requirements have been decided on and the site has been assessed.

  • Stage 2


    During construction in Volo’s Factory you'll be able to access your Volo App with progress reports and photos.

  • Stage 3


    You'll be required to pay the balance once the Volo Modular is delivered to site and you're ready to move in.

Additional Information

How long does it take to build a modular home?

Modular homes are fast to build – from the time construction starts in the factory until you move in usually takes around 12-16 weeks. This timeframe includes the factory building phase (8-10 weeks in the factory) and the on-site fit-off phase (4-6 weeks on your land).

Can I get finance on a modular home?

What is the difference between a modular home and a kit home?

Volo homes are supplied complete with all internal fixtures and fittings, wall lining, ceiling, windows, doors, etc. already installed. Typically, kit homes are supplied flat packed for the purchaser to fully assemble on site.

Can I install a modular home on my property?

As long as you are allowed to build on your property you can build with Volo Modular homes. Please contact your local council for applicable restrictions, land area you can cover, number of dwellings you can install etc.