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Like most achievements in life, thoughtful decision-making and strategic planning pave the way to reaching memorable milestones. For first home buyers, this is an essential process and one which should reap an outcome worth celebrating. 

There is nothing like having your own patch of earth to call your own but, for most first home buyers, a home firstly needs to meet a specific criterion, ideally being budget-friendly, convenient, and, preferably, spacious for a potentially growing family. 

Throw into the budget the wait time of building your own home, the cost of renting and the budget constraints of meeting draw down dates for payments.

Imagine having the flexibility to move into your new home with just five to six weeks down time. Add to this the extension of the First Home Loan Deposit scheme, which enables first home buyers to borrow with a deposit as low as 5 per cent, while avoiding lenders’ mortgage insurance, and you’d probably jump at the opportunity.

With the flexibility, affordability, and modern convenience of modular homes, the choice for first home buyers is a natural one. 

Volo Homes CEO and Founder, Garrick Bull, said as a first home buyer, you could simply go on holiday for a month and come back to a fully constructed home.

“Modular homes have come a long way and in some ways result in a sturdier build, built following a unique build process, off site, making modular homes the quickest and most convenient choice available,” he said.

Due to a shorter construction period, not only should first home buyers expect their home to be ready sooner, but they will also pay less interest on their loan before moving in day, saving both time and money.

Spacious or compact, one- or two-story, garage or no garage; the choice is completely yours when you choose to build a modular home with Volo. Offering a free consultation to discuss and plan design specifications before sending a detailed quote estimate, our process ensures first home buyers know exactly how their money is being spent. 

Fitted out as normal, Volo Modular Homes’ streamlined designs and high-quality materials, mean homes are designed to look like normal. Every home is constructed to the highest standards, exceeding the expectations of both relevant building regulations and of clients. 

With the world continuing to gain awareness of the importance of living sustainably, the younger Z and millennial generations are opting to adopt this as an essential lifestyle choice, motivated by the needs of future generations, even when it comes to building a home. 

Convenient and sustainable, Volo modular homes are built mostly off-site, resulting in a reduction of waste and pollution with minimal impact on the earth. Rubbish collected from construction is also minimised, due to all components being pre-manufactured in the factory. 

So, if you are a first home buyer, seeking to build a home that fits within budget, is convenient, and can be built to any envisioned design you may have, you can rest assured building a modular home with Volo will fit all your needs.