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STUNNING untouched landscapes offering peaceful living among small connected communities are often the main reasons attracting someone to live in a remote or rural area. 

If you’ve found the perfect homesite, don’t let the secludedness deter you from building your dream home. 

Of course, it can be tricky when it comes to building a house in a rural area. Often it’s hard to source supplies, skilled trades people, and commute times can come at an added cost. 

Not to mention, the longer it takes for the home to be built, the more site disruption and potential for greater damage in the area there can be. 

That’s why Volo Modular Homes are the perfect answer for rural and remote locations. We can transport and deliver a Volo Modular Home anywhere in Australia! 

Our Volo Modular Homes are built to fit perfectly on trucks, meaning it’s a safe and cost effective transport to your location. 

The homes are built within a factory operated 24-hours a day by experienced construction workers in about eight to 10 weeks. 

Once it’s on site, the build will only take roughly four weeks to construct and assemble. Building with Volo Modular can save you time and money as your new home will be ready in only a fraction of a time it takes to build a traditional home. 

Thinking about escaping the city hustle or suburbs and surrounding yourself in nature? Contact us today and get a free quote!