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The hardest part about a holiday for most people is having to step back into reality the minute it’s over. But what if there was something grand and exciting awaiting your return this holiday season? Something so big, it takes the shape of a brand-new place to call home.  

Where the standard build time for a house may take over a year, a modular home with VOLO can be completed in just a few short weeks, enabling those returning from their Christmas holiday to come home to a fully constructed and equipped home to move into.

Influencing VOLO’s unparalleled short waiting period, is the business’s employment of experienced construction workers, meaning there are no delays to onsite contractor labour. With each modular home being built off-site, the weather also plays a minimal role in impacting the allocated construction time, with the need for reinforced concrete also removed.

With VOLO Modular Homes, returning from a five to six-week-long holiday to a fully constructed home is possible. The modern convenience and flexibility VOLO offers, makes the choice of building a modular home a natural and easy one. 

When building with VOLO, buyers should not only expect their new home to be ready for move in day upon their return, but also less interest to pay on their home loan, saving both time and money to put toward their holiday instead. 

Whether you’re wanting to switch to a more sustainable building method, or simply wanting a new place to call your own in a timely fashion, VOLO modular homes is the ultimate choice for you.